Store Finder

As part of the MyEE app roadmap, myself and a small team, consisting of a product owner and manager, were tasked with exploring how Store Finding capabilities might be added into the app. 

The idea came from the Head of Product, who has some ideas and thoughts on how it might work, using location services, for example. This became our starting point. 

I worked to conceptualise how this might fit into the app in the form of a user flow, this allowed me to communicate the experience to the project team for feedback. We were conscious of including the technical aspects of the journey, such as the scenario where location services might be disabled.

The flows were transformed into wireframes, which we used to create a quick and dirty prototype for 'hallway testing'. Tested was conducted using members of EE and the agency I worked for to get a feel of how users engaged with the feature.  

We learned that store finder didn't really have a natural home amongst different sections of the app. We'd either need to embed the experience as part of a more extensive journey, or we'd need to have a new dedicated section for it. 

Group 2Group 2

Following testing, the feedback was collated. I then moved onto the UI for the project, which was fed back to the Head of Product for review. The Store Finder project was unfortunately benched due to more critical features required by the business.