Simply Health

I had an excellent opportunity to work with Simply Health, the private health care provider, on their new up-coming digital product. Unfortunately, due to NDA limitations, I'm unable to show any visuals. 

I was asked to accompany Simply Health in an ideation session down in their head offices, in Andover. Working as a product designer, to help shape their ideas and piece together data to form a proposition for a new product, which was yet to be defined. 

I spent a significant amount of time educating the team about the product design process and plotted a plan of action going forward–a plan which unfortunately I was unable to see through to the end, as I left the agency before the project's completion. 

The project team had an abundance of data, Simply Health knew precisely who their customers were, their ages, incomes, family structures and health situations. To cater this to a digital environment, we needed to restructure the data into personas which describe the customer's needs and goals and creating the demographics the business wants to cater to. 

After several brainstorming sessions, where I spent several hours creating empathy for the customers with the project team, we were able to develop four personas which cover the business' target demographics, with their needs and goals. This included the kinds of health care cover we thought they might need. 

To validate our personas, precisely the kind of health care we thought each demographic might need, the project team took to the streets of Andover, Basingstoke and London. I created a digital prototype with a list of health care products to emulate an app, which we used to gather information.