MyEE App

The MyEE App work has been undertaken for the client, EE, for Bolser Agency. Work commenced in January 2017, following the completion of the EE Data Gifting project.

I am responsible for future roadmap work, as well as new features/propositions, both the UX, the UI design and any prototyping/interaction mockups. While working closely with the product owners, solution designers, and app developers. 

This case study will highlight some of the projects completed during this time. 


Click to Call

Click to call was a new proposition, off the back of some roadmap work completed prior by myself. The goal was to add automated calling into the application.

We aimed to add in a 'call EE' modal/pop-up on pain points in the app, which was highlighted prior thanks to the analytics team. The pop up would appear after a number of seconds on assigned pages, which suggests that the user is stuck or needs some help. The modal would appear with a CTA to call EE support. Additionally, we improved the help section of the app to accommodate calling support, as well as adding in links to other social channels.

Click to call went through a round of lab testing and two rounds of guerilla testing to validate its features.



This project was part of a further vision pitch. Taking my learnings from Worthy App, and the new digital guidelines to create an updated version of the EE Glastonbury app. 

The goal was to create a more fluid experience, using bold brand photography, and smarter suggestions. 

Using a lineup selector which listens to the user. Gaining access to their music services such as Apple Music to pull out favourite artists and discover new sounds. 

We’d take the experience to the next level by plotting out their weekend from start to finish. From navigation to notifications, the Glastonbury app is there to help the user have the best weekend possible. 

This project is likely to change before coming to a reality. However, I was very happy with how it turned out. 


UI Refresh/Roadmap

The MyEE app was designed almost 4 years ago, at the time of writing this, and the app was no longer in line with the web experience. With the two looking very dissimilar. 

An example of one of the improvements we made is the burger menu navigation. Previously, the nav was quite heavy, dark, and with oversized typography, not inline with the new 'complexion reduction' look of 2018. I designed a new version to be lighter, easier on the eyes, in line with the new guidelines and with sensibly sized typography.

The What's New section of the application current houses offers and information about EE products. However, offers are often lost and there's no clear hierarchy as to what's important. To address this, a roadmap project was to improve What's New. The solution is the new Just For You section. A modular page with the ability to increase and reduce content size to promote some offers more than others.