EE Broadband Sales Flow

This project was for the client, EE. Undertaken as part of Bolser. 

The project was to design the checkout flow for the EE broadband, including product selection. The UX, in the form of a wireframe prototype, had been provided prior by an in-house UX designer. 


I was responsible for the UI design in this project, as well as hand over to the in-house development team. Which involved producing both desktop and mobile screens to the specification of the UX, pixel perfect to assure accuracy in development. 

This project was the first project in EE to use the new digital design guidelines, which had been provided as part of their 'big brand refresh'. However, seeing as the design guidelines were in their early stages, some UI elements we required were not provided. So I had to create new elements such as calendar modals, vertical spacing rules, and speed bars. The majority of which have since been added to the guidelines. 


Following this project's completion, we were commended for our ability to take the style guide in its infancy and apply it to a project. The Broadband check-out sales flow was the first part of the EE site to be launched with the new styling.