MyEE: Data Gifting

Data gifting was a UK (maybe world first) feature, being able to share data between members on family accounts. My responsibilities included UX design, in the form of wireframing and usability testing, and visual design. 

Data gifting had to fit into the app, in the existing UI style, the UX called for an expansion to the allowance section. Which now displays the allowance of all family members on the account. This section has completely new, and the style had to be adapted to accommodate the original content. 


Gifting, initially was a fixed page. Only the gifter would be changeable, navigating to the exchange page through a family member in allowances, who would be the recipient. 

Lab testing revealed that almost a 50:50 split of test participants assumed that the selected family member would be the gifter, and the other half, the recipient. To resolve this, we made both the gifter and recipient interchangeable, regardless of how they arrived on the exchange page. 


The springboard (home screen) was also tweaked to accommodate data gifting relevant notifications. 

Data gifting is available in the app store today, as part of the MyEE app.