Broadband & Talk Hub

In Digital Service, I've been involved in the process of updating Sky's product hubs in the My Account section of .com. The product hubs, TV, Broadband & Talk and Sky Mobile are used to manage settings and communicate value to customers. 

I worked as a UI designer on the project, working closely with a UX Designer and a team of UX researchers. I supported both of which during the UX research and testing phases of the project, helping put together prototypes and rough visual designs for user testing. 

Our key learning from the project was that nobody understands/cares about their broadband speed numerically. They only care what it can do in real terms and that it's working. 

After two rounds of testing, I was able to start the visual design for the project. Adopting Sky's design language, Polaris, to set the foundations of how the page would be structured visually. However, in Digital Service, we aimed to move away from the image-heavy direction we'd used previously. We wanted to be about making things clear for the customer, no distractions, no advertisements, just clear, concise information which can be easily digested. 

Artboard Copy 13Artboard Copy 13

I stripped back the vast majority imagery and focused on showing value to the customer, such as what they can get with their Sky Broadband package in real terms. "Stream 4K on X devices and play games online", rather than "Your line speed is 50 Mb/s". 

Artboard Copy 14Artboard Copy 14

I also began to push our new visual design direction; as part of an on-going battle, the UI design team have been pushing for rounded corners in our design, as they're more comfortable on the eyes, and actually more on brand than sharp edges. 

Artboard Copy 15Artboard Copy 15

I was responsible for the developer's hand over for the project, working closely to produce UI spec sheets for any new or modified components which aren't already in our existing library.