Battersea Store

Battersea store was a project undertaken as an extension of the Battersea Power Station website, completed at Bolser, for the client Battersea Power Station. I was responsible for the UI/UX design, and hand over to the developer. 

The project had to align with the current styling on the new Battersea website, which is quite clean, minimal, and luxurious. But, also accommodating for new unique elements such as products and check-out flows. So the challenge was adapting the existing design to serve a new purpose. 


The design and layout follow the main website, for the most part, doing so allowed for a sense of consistency. The user will be on a different URL, so assuring that they still feel like they're on the Battersea website is a must. 

To assure the photography of the products would match the style of the website, I suggested photographic styles to the client; shooting at 5% or 90% grey. Doing so assures the website's products look as professional as the platform. 

The project was completed, hand over using invision, and is currently in development.