Battersea Power Station: Retail Rebrand

Battersea Power Station's brand has evolved since the site launched, working with branding agencies (who also work with the client), we've been asked to start rolling out the new branding to various high traffic sections of the site. 

My role involved working with the client, Fitch (external branding agency), developers and project managers to turn around the new UI designs, based on the current site content and the new branding presented to use by Fitch. 

battersea copybattersea copy

The challenge

This project had heavy time constraints, we had to turn the project around in a matter of days. This meant making trade-offs to save time, without having to create new elements, which would increase the build time. 

I wanted to assure the new branding wasn't jarring compared to the rest of the site, which is in the old style. So changes had to be subtle, but at the same time reflect the new style the client wanted. 

battersea copy 2battersea copy 2

The result

We managed to work in the new style with minimal changes from a build point of view, we managed to limit the changes to stylistic changes, such as font families, sizes, positioning alignment and colours. 

Background colours have been added, with additional images, in a new photography style with a select colour palette, have been added to further push the new brand styling.